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Namshi Dot Com Online Shopping in Oman

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Namshi Dot Com online shopping, based in Dubai, is an e – commerce website that offers fashion brands for footwear and apparel.

the company of Namshi was created in 2011 and has become a brand that champions digital innovation, has a fiercely independent spirit and inspires its fashion-loving customer to experiment with their style. Its extensive product mix includes exclusive in-house collections, sports & active wear and brands recognized worldwide, carefully curated for style-obsessed follow-up.

Namshi Dot Com evaluates plans to expand across the region of the Middle East and North Africa as it targets what it calls an untapped multibillion – dollar market.

Namshi ‘s primary aim to offer the Oman a brand new shopping experience to three bright men with an even brighter idea.

The beginning of Namshi:

Combining accessible, directional fashion with leading digital innovation, Namshi’s independent spirit soon had 20-somethings style – obsessed hooked on 500 new daily arrivals and the latest web and app trend offering. Namshi’s selection of 700 brands (and counting) now includes huge global names, exclusive in – house labels, the latest sports collaborations, active wear, beauty, kidswear, and much, much more, all carefully curated for our fashion forward community.

In Arabic, Namshi means “going forward,” and in everything they do, the company reflects this. For nothing, Namshi Dot Com online shopping has not become the Middle East’s largest online fashion destination. considering Hard work, hunger for growth and dedication to customer experience have made Namshi what it is today… and what it will be tomorrow.

A creative, techy and trend – led team consisting of 31 nationalities and speaking 17 languages, each individual working across the departments of the company brings innovation, creativity and enthusiasm to this fast paced e – commerce hub.

Six reasons to love Namshi:


The teamwork of Namshi Dot Com is a unique experiment ; from the tech heads to the creative wizards, the Namshi team consists of 31 nationalities, speaking 17 languages, with experience from all over the world.

The team enjoys taking part in sports activities, such as desert biking, boot camps and yoga, both inside and outside the office!


Namshi Dot Com online shopping offers birthday leave, charity leave, unlimited Namshi discount (Don’t panic your friends and family are included), discounts on attractions, restaurants and hotels throughout Dubai and oh they also have their own in Barista’s house, she’s called Alma and we think it’s a legend.


Brands can be supplied locally and internationally, bringing all the latest trends 24 hours a day.


More than 700 (and counting) brands.

Adidas, Nike, Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger, Benefit, Maybelline … It’s probably on Namshi.com that you name it. And if it’s not then it’s going to be soon, no doubt.

So Namshi Dot Com is your fashion destination No.1 … Or perhaps you didn’t know they’re selling more than 700 brands. Your buyers are traveling around the world to discover the most sought – after labels in your closet.

Locally and internationally sourcing brands, Namshi Dot Com delivers all the latest trends to your doorstep whenever you want them.

The method of pay:

Get your fashion fix, 24 hours a day, wherever you are. Namshi Dot Com offers credit, paypal and cash on delivery, and if you’re not fully satisfied, they also offer a free exchange policy of 14 days.

Namshi Dot Com work style:

Traveling around the world to get to your doorstep the latest trends! Namshi’s product junkies buying & merchandising team work in five categories to place trading with more than 700 brands, including huge global brands and their own exclusive private label.

By analyzing data, researching trends and applying buying strategy to identify, source and purchase, the product teams from Namshi ensure that they have the latest trends that the Namshi customer cannot be without.

Namshi’s Specialties:

The company of Namshi has many Specialties, you can count such as E – commerce, internet, technology, software, purchasing, merchandising, creative content, fashion, clothing, online, design and innovation.

Things to know about Namshi Dot Com:

  • Namshi based in Dubai, funded by an internet company based in Berlin, launched in December, selling clothes and footwear to GCC countries and Egypt.
  • Louis Lebbos, Namshi’s co – founder, said online stores had a chance to increase their retail market share. “In a market that is untapped, it’s a multi – billion – dollar opportunity,” he said. “We don’t aim to capture a portion of the e – commerce market. We aim to capture a portion of the region’s retail market.”
  • Muhammed Mekki, Namshi.com’s other co – founder, said the site was assessing a region – wide presence, although he did not provide an exact timeline for the launch of delivery services in other markets. “The region of Middle East and North Africa is our target market. We plan to expand our operations subject to our analysis of each geography,” he said. “From our point of view there is no player who serves the wider Mena region for e-commerce fashion in the way we plan to do it.”
  • The site currently provides free delivery of goods throughout the GCC and throughout Egypt, using Aramex as its shipping partner.
  • Namshi is constructing its inventory to include approximately 20,000 products from Dubai.
  • The website attracted investment from Rocket Internet, a Berlin – based firm. Mr Lebbos refused to specify the funding amount, but described it as a major investment. For comment, Rocket Internet was not available.
  • The figures of Euromonitor account for expenditure on local and international sites, but exclude services such as Groupon on a daily basis.

    The policy of the site:

  • Many local sites are stocking electronic goods, such as Emiratesavenue.com, Aido.com and JadoPado.com. But the region has only been served by a handful of fashion sites. These include the Jordanian company MarkaVIP, a discount clothing specialist who said it received $ 5 million from US investors last year.
  • Another fashion site, Sukar.com, also offers discounted clothing and footwear. Barriers cited for the relatively slow adoption of e – commerce in the region include low internet penetration, consumer reluctance to transact online, challenging logistics, and long customs processes. However, Mr Mekki said there was increasing demand for online retail use. “The e-commerce market is not used to it. But all the indications we get are that customers are hungry for something like this,” he said. “No major player is focused on e-commerce fashion. No one is doing e-commerce for fashion bread and butter, which is a proven business model worldwide.”
  • Although analysts have long predicted that consumers in the Middle East will spend more online, Mr Mekki said the market was finally ready. “The e – commerce year 2012,” he said. “This time we mean it.”
  • Namshi Dot Com has over 100 employees, which went into full operation in January 2011. Capital injection will help the company expand its operations, especially within its fastest growing market, Saudi Arabia, and also increase its product selection, Mekki said.


  • In the fourth quarter and full year of 2016, Namshi reported earnings results. The company reported net income of EUR 34.7 million for the quarter compared to EUR 32.8 million a year ago. Adjusted LBITDA amounted to EUR 0.1 m compared to EUR 0.4 m a year ago. The company reported net income of EUR 136.2 million compared to EUR 107.8 million a year ago for the full year. Adjusted EBITDA amounted to EUR 2.5 million a year ago against Adjusted LBITDA of EUR 1.7 million.
  • Namshi General Trading L.L.C has been operating as a subsidiary of Emaar Malls PJSC since 16 August 2017.

Namshi investors:

Rocket Internet:

Rocket Internet SE is a Berlin – based European Internet company. The company is building online startups and owning shares in different internet retail business models.

HV Holtzbrinck Ventures:

HV Holtzbrinck Ventures was founded as the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group’s corporate venture arm in 2000. it became an independent venture company in 2010 and raised funds from a strong international institutional investor network.

Kinnevik AB:

Kinnevik AB is a Swedish investment firm founded by the families of Stenbeck, Klingspor and von Horn in 1936. it is an active and long – term owner primarily investing in digital consumer brands. Georgi Ganev, current CEO, has been appointed in 2018.

Summit Partners:

Summit Partners is a private equity investment firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, which invests in a wide range of companies based in North America and Europe. The firm provides growth equity, venture capital, and investment in credit for growth, recapitalization, and buyouts from management.

Namshi’s categories:

Like all, Namshi serve the fashion offers to women, men, and kids.

Namshi has different kinds of categories such as:

Namshi Accessories:

No matter what you wear, if you don’t wear your own kind of accessory you will still missing something. Namshi is here to complete you.

The accessories section in Namshi contains Homeware, Jewellery, Sunglasses, Watches, Headwear, Scarves, Multipacks, Belts,Travel Accessories.

Namshi Bags:

In modern human life, bags play an essential role. There is a wide range of stylish bags on the market these days, you can choose any of them according to your choice.

Namshi’s bags collection contains Handbags, Sports Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Small Leather Goods.

Namshi Clothing:

Clothing is the first thing people often notice about us is that people form an opinion about us through what wear.

Namshi’s clothing collection:

For women:

Dresses, Tops, T-Shirts & Vests, Pants & Leggings, Sportswear, Swimwear & Beachwear, Nightwear, Lingerie, Skirts, Hoodies &, Sweatshirts, Arabian Clothing, Jumpsuits & Playsuits, Plus Size Clothing, Jackets & Coats, Jeans, Maternity Clothing, Shorts, Cardigans & Sweaters, Petite Clothing, Multipacks, Tall Clothing.

For men:

T-Shirts & Vests, Sportswear, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Pants & Chinos, Shorts, Jackets & Coats, Shirts, Polo Shirts, Multipacks, Cardigans & Sweaters, Underwear & Socks, Nightwear, Jeans, Swimwear, Suits.

Namshi Shoes:

No shoes no goes.

Namshi shoes collection:

For women:

Sandals, Sports Shoes, Sneakers, Pumps, Flat Shoes, Comfort Shoes, Flip Flops, Bedroom Slippers.

For men:

Sneakers, Sports Shoes, Sandals, Slip ons, Flip Flops, Boots, Lace ups, Bedroom Slippers.


This section contains Shoes, Clothing, Accessories, Home & Lifestyle.


It contains Home, Technology, Stationery.


This is the most important section to every woman,  for the reason that it contains Makeup, Hair Care, Bath & Body products.

The top brands on Namshi:

For women:

adidas, Dorothy Perkins, Foreo, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Topshop, Benefit, Calvin Klein, Ella, Ginger, Swarovski, Ted Baker, Tommy Hilfiger.

For men:

adidas, adidas Originals, Aldo, Jack & Jones, Lacoste, Mango Man, Nike, Puma, Seventy Five, Skechers, Ted Baker, Tommy Hilfiger, Topman.

For kids:

Gymboree, Hello Kitty, Mango, Name It, Tommy Hilfiger.

Also you can find more and more with Namshi.

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